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Custom SMT Nozzles

Custom SMT Nozzles - Effective Solutions for any Odd-Form component

Custom SMT Nozzles

Most companies experiencing pick and place problems with Odd-Form components automatically assume the component is the cause of the problem. Dobeter Electronics designed odd-form solution to address increasing global labour costs and manual assembly complexity. The custom SMT nozzles can help to reduce labour requirements and cost, while boosting productivity, enhancing versatility, and helping ensure quality through-hole and odd-form component insertions.

For Odd-form components, as there are no standards that govern the shape, lead count, packaging, etc, so many people have to assemble them manually for a Printed Circuit Board. The custom SMT nozzles can help to solve this problem, with them you can handle all small to large, light to heavy odd-form components such as LEDs, transformers, connectors, relays, etc.

The benefits can be measured in assembly reliability, accuracy and flexibility, labor savings, assembly yield improvements, floor space savings and optimization of processes.

We can make custom SMT nozzles incluing gripper nozzles or vacuum nozzles for most popular OEM platform such as Samsung, Assembleon, Yamaha, Juki, Fuji, i-Pulse , please feel free to contact us for a free quote, the reponse is very quick and the delivery lead time to make custom SMT nozzles is only 5-7 working days, incluing designing, making , testing and packing and develidering the custom SMT nozzles.

Custom SMT Nozzles for Assembleon SMT machines

Custom SMT Nozzles Assembleon
For those Kulicke & Soffa Further Philips GEM, GEM-X, M-Series, XII-Series machines such as Topaz, Topaz X, Topaz XII, Sapphire-Xii, MG1, MG2, EMERALD, EMERALD X, EMERALD X II, SAPPHIRE, COMET, Opal MC-1, MC-5, MC-8, MC-12 MC-Series and so on.

Custom SMT Nozzles for Juki SMT machines

Custom SMT Nozzles Juki
For Juki SMT pick and palce machines such as KE710, KE720, KE730, KE750,KE760, KE2000/ 2010/ 2020/ 2030/ 2040 /2050 /2060/2070 /2080 /3010 /3020 /1070 /1080 FX-1/ FX-2/FX-3

Custom SMT Nozzles for Samsung SMT machines

Custom SMT Nozzles Samsung
For Samsung SMT pick and place machines such as CP60, CP50, CP45,CP40,SM451, SM421, SM411, SM320, CP45Neo, CP40

Custom SMT Nozzles for Yamaha SMT machines

custom smt nozzles yamaha
For Yamaha SMT pick and palce machines suc as YVL88 II, YV88X, YV88XG, YV112, YV100X, YV100II, YV100A, YV100XE, YV100XG, YG100, YG200, YS12, YS24, YS24X, YS88, YS100 and so on.n.

Custom SMT Nozzles for Fuji SMT machines

custom smt nozzles fuji
For NXT, CP, XP, QP, IP, CP6, CP643, CP643ME3, CP65, CP7, XP141, XP142, XP143, CP8, IP, IP2, IP3, QP132, QP242, QP341 , GL II so on.

Custom SMT Nozzles for Panasonic SMT machines

custom smt nozzles panasonic
For CM202, CM402, CM602, BM123, BM221, NPM, MSR, MV, MV2C, MV2F, MK, MPA, MPAV, MPAG3, MSH II, MSH III, MCF, MMC, HDP, HDF, BD 30, 20, 10, 12, CM88s and so on.