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samsung nozzles

samsung nozzles

We supply all kinds of Samsung nozzle, including but not limited :

CN020 ,CN030 ,CN040 ,CN065 ,CN140 ,CN220 ,CN400 ,CN400N ,CN750 ,CN110 ,CN140 , CN1100 ,TN03 ,TN04 ,TN65 ,TN14 ,TN22 ,TN40 ,TN75 ,TN110 ,N045 ,N08 ,N14 ,N24 ,N40 ,N75 .


We also supply custom nozzles , Samsung nozzle led , please let's know your demands and needs, or send us your samples such as LEDs, connectors, ICs , motors, labels and so on, we'll design and manfacture the special nozzle as your request, usually the delivery lead time is 3-5 working days.


Samsung nozzle are applied for Samsung pick and place SMT machines such as cp45neo SM320 ,SM310 ,SM411FX ,SM411N ,SM411FN ,SM421N ,SM421FN ,SM431 ,SM431L ,SM451 ,SM481 ,SLM110 ,SLM120, ,Excen ,,SM168 ,SFM2 ,STM1, ,Excen ,pro, ,Excen ,flex ,SCM1 ,cp45fv ,cp45 ,CP55 ,CP60 ,CP63HP/63 , cp40 ,cp40l ,cp40lv ,cp40lv ,cp20 ,cp33 , and so on.


Delivery lead time : in stock

Payment : TT , PayPal, CreditCard, Western Union


Samsung SM411 SM421 SM451 SM471 SM481 SM482 SM320 CP45Neo DECAN nozzle

Samsung CP45 nozzle


Samsung CP40 nozzle


Samsung CP33 nozzle

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