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sony feeder parts

Sony Feeder Parts

We sell all kinds of Sony feeder parts such as Wheel, Guide Tape, Cover Assy Tape, Cover Take up reel, Lever Positioning, Wheel Assy, Shaft Lever Positioning, Spring Compression Clamp, Eccentric Positioning, Wave washer, Pin Assy Cover, Liner Assy Magnet, Cap Clamp lever, PAD and so on for Sony pick and place SMT machines.

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sony feeder partss

wheel assy 8*4 part X-4700-022-1

wheel assy 8*4 X-4700-022-1

guide tape part 4-149-759-01

guide tape 4-149-759-01

guide tape part 4-170-702-01

guide tape 4-170-702-01

cover assy tape 8mm part X-2176-037-1

cover assy tape 8mm X-2176-037-1

cover take up reel 8mm part 4-702-751-03

cover take up reel 8mm 4-702-751-03

lever positioning part 4-702-744-02

lever positioning 4-702-744-02

cover assy tape 12mm*8 part X-4700-138-2 X-4700-051

cover assy tape 12mm*8 X-4700-138-2 X-4700-051

guide tape part 4-108-734-01

guide tape 4-108-734-01

guide tape part 4-189-452-01

guide tape 4-189-452-01

cover part 4-112-362-02

cover 4-112-362-02

cover assy tape 16mm*12 part x-4700-067-4

cover assy tape 16mm*12 x-4700-067-4

wheel assy 8*2 part X47000140 X-4700-014-1

wheel assy 8*2 X47000140 X-4700-014-1

lever feed 8-24mm part 4-702-747-02

lever feed 8-24mm 4-702-747-02

shaft lever positioning part 4-702-694-02

shaft lever positioning 4-702-694-02

lever assy feed 8*2 part X-4700-251-000 X-4700-025-1

lever assy feed 8*2 X-4700-251-000 X-4700-025-1

spring compression clamp part 4-702-718-01 4-716-122-01

spring compression clamp 4-702-718-01 4-716-122-01

pin positioning part 4-702-691-02

pin positioning 4-702-691-02

wave washer part 4-760-676-01

wave washer 4-760-676-01

pin eccentric positioning part 4-702-692-02

pin eccentric positioning 4-702-692-02

lever assy feed 12mm part X-4700-054-1

lever assy feed 12mm X-4700-054-1

cover take-up reel 24mm part 4-702-843-01

cover take-up reel 24mm 4-702-843-01

retainer assy tape 12mm part X-4700-0521-0 SN-X47000521-0 X-4700-052-1

retainer assy tape 12mm X-4700-0521-0 SN-X47000521-0 X-4700-052-1

pin assy cover part X-4700-015-2

pin assy cover X-4700-015-2

reel take-up 12mm part 4-703-993-01 4-702-871-01

reel take-up 12mm 4-703-993-01 4-702-871-01

lever feed 24/32mm part 4-702-840-03 4-702-903-04

lever feed 24/32mm 4-702-840-03 4-702-903-04

lever feed 44/56mm part 4-721-707-01

lever feed 44/56mm 4-721-707-01

lever assy feed 8*4 part X-4700-021-1

lever assy feed 8*4 X-4700-021-1

liner assy magnet part X-2320-959-3 X-2546-024-2

liner assy magnet X-2320-959-3 X-2546-024-2

guide assy clamp lever part X-4700-102-1

guide assy clamp lever X-4700-102-1

cover assy tape 8*2 part X-4700-290-1

cover assy tape 8*2 X-4700-290-1

leaf spring part DBE-SONY-1

leaf spring DBE-SONY-1

cap clamp lever 8*2p  part 4-706-624-31

cap clamp lever 8*2p 4-706-624-31

lever  part DBE-SOY-01

lever DBE-SOY-01

ratchet pawl  part 4-702-752-05

ratchet pawl 4-702-752-05

feeder  part SONY1204

feeder SONY1204

feeder  part SONY1208

feeder SONY1208

pad  part DBE-SONY-004

pad DBE-SONY-004

improved liner assy magnet  part DBE-0020

improved liner assy magnet DBE-0020

cover take-up reel part 4-702-874-05 4-702-874-01

cover take-up reel 12mm 4-702-874-05 4-702-874-01

cover take-up reel 44mm part 4-702-950-01

cover take-up reel 44mm 4-702-950-01

cover take-up reel 16mm part 4-702-920-01

take-up reel 16mm 4-702-920-01 cover

cover take-up reel 56mm part X-4700-069-1

cover take-up reel 56mm X-4700-069-1

cover take-up reel 32mm part 4-702-872-01 4-702-904-01

cover take-up reel 32mm 4-702-872-01 4-702-904-01

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