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fuji nxt feeders

Fuji NXT Feeders

We supply a variety of fuji nxt feeders, from thef first generation to the third generation, specs are 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 72mm, and 88mm. The fuji nxt feeders includes W08 W08C W08F; W12 W12C W12F; W16 W16C W16F; W24 W24C W24F; W32 W32C W32F; W44 W44C W44F; W56 W56C W56F; W72 W72C W72F and W88 W88C W88F..Both used ones and original new ones or copy ones. All these fuji nxt feeders are with very competitive price, we've sold them for a long time and to many countries.


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FUJI NXT Feeder Generation I

samsung cp feeders
UF08600 UF08700 W04b

fuji nxt feeder

UF02300 UF07700 UF00500 UF01300 W8

fuji nxt feeder

UF04100 UF07800 UF04200 UF04300 W8 (0402)

fuji nxt feeder

UF09700 2UDLFA0002 UF09800 UF09900 W08c

fuji nxt feeder

fuji nxt feeder rack fuji nxt feeder cart

fuji nxt feeder rack

fuji feeders loading unit nxt

fuji nxt feeders rack

fuji nxt feeders calibration jig

fuji nxt feeders rack

fuji nxt feeder parts

fuji nxt feeder part


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