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solder cream mixer

solder cream mixer

Part Number : DBE- SCC

Part Name : solder cream mixer

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Description for cream solder mixer

cream solder mixer

Part number :DBE- SCC

Description : Solder paste is a crucial material used in surface mount technology (SMT) assembly processes to attach electronic components to PCBs. It consists of solder alloy particles suspended in a flux medium. Before application, it's essential to ensure that the solder alloy particles are evenly distributed within the flux medium to achieve consistent soldering results. A cream solder mixer is designed to homogenize the solder paste by mixing it thoroughly. This ensures that the solder alloy particles are evenly dispersed throughout the flux medium, preventing issues such as solder joint voids, insufficient solder volume, or solder splatter during reflow soldering. Our cream solder mixer is driven by a high-speed motor with fast speed and large torque, you can set the stirring time, also it is fully enclosed structure to ensure the operator’s personal safety, it is suitable for standard 500G solder paste bottles of various brands; can mix 2 bottles at the same time. There is no need to open the solder paste bottle during the mixing process, just stir it for 1-3 minutes.

Cream Solder Mixer Feature

Cream Solder Mixer Feature

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