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yamaha nozzles

yamaha nozzles

We sell all kinds of yamaha nozzles, all these replacements(copy nozzle) are with high quality and very competitive price, Many famous EMS compnaies from more than 40 countries are using them for more than 10 years . Here is list of those most commonly used yamaha nozzles : 71A, 72 A, 73A, 74A, 75A, 76A, 79A, 71F, 72F, 73F, 79F, 31A, 32A, 33A, 34A, 301A, 302A, 303A, 314A, 304A , 315A ,305A, 316A, 306A, 317A ,309A , 310A, 311A, 312A, 211A, 211F, 212A, 212F, 213A, 213F, 214A, 215A, 216A, 219A, 216F, 219F. We also manufacture custom nozzles , For thse odd components such as LEDs (Cree, Lumileds, Luxeon, Osram, Nichia, Seoul, etc.), connectors, push buttons, pins, clips, micro components (0201/01005), switches, heavy, over-sized, labels, and more , please let's know your demands and needs, or send us your samples or datasheet, we'll design and manfacture the custom nozzles as your request, usually the delivery lead time is 3-5 working days. We also supply Yamaha feeder, Yamaha SS feeder, Yamaha ZS feeder,and yamaha feeder parts , Yamaha SMT spare part such as belt, valve, cylinder, sensor, O-ring, yamaha nozzles shaft and other Yamaha smt spare parts. . yamaha nozzles are applied for Yamaha pick and place SMT machines such as YV100X, YV100Xg,YV100XTg, YV100XE, YV180X,YV180Xg, YG12, YG12F, YS12, YS12F, YSM10, YSM20, YS24, YS24X,YG300, YV88X, YV88XG, YG100A, YG100B, YG100RB, YG200, YG200L and so on.


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Yamaha nozzle YV100X YV100Xg YV100XTg YV100XE YV180X Xg

yamaha nozzle yv100x yv100xg yv100xtg yv100xe yv180x xg

Yamaha nozzle YG12 YG12F YS12 YS12F YSM10 YSM20 YS24 YS24X YG300

yamaha nozzle yg12 yg12f ys12 ys12f ysm10 ysm20 ys24 ys24x yg300


yamaha YSM40 nozzle

yamaha YSM40 nozzle

yamaha YSM40R nozzle

yamaha YSM40R nozzle


Yamaha nozzle YV100II YV88II YV100A

yamaha nozzle yv100ii yv88ii yv100a


Yamaha nozzle YV88X YV88XG

yamaha nozzle yv88x yv88xg


Yamaha nozzle YG100A YG100B YG100RB

yamaha nozzle yg100a yg100b yg100rb


Yamaha nozzle YG200 YG200L

yamaha nozzle yg100a yg100b yg100rb


Yamaha nozzle YV112

yamaha nozzle yv112


Yamaha hsd dispending nozzle

yamaha hsd dispending nozzle


Yamaha philips YV64D Dispending nozzle

yamaha philips yv64d dispending nozzle


Yamaha YV86D/YV100D Dispending nozzle

yamaha yv86D/yv100D dispending nozzle

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