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juki smt nozzle

juki smt nozzle

We supply all kinds of juki smt nozzle with all juki nozzle sizes, juki nozzle 0201, juki nozzle 0402, juki nozzle 503, juki nozzle 505, juki nozzle 500, juki nozzle 502, juki nozzle 504, juki nozzle 501, juki nozzle 509, juki nozzle 508, juki nozzle 506, juki nozzle 507, 7501 juki nozzle, 7500 juki nozzle , juki nozzle 2080 and so on. All these juki smt nozzle are with high quality and very competitive price, and we've sold them more than 10 years to more than 40 countries. We also manufacture juki custom nozzles , juki led nozzle for various kinds of LEDs, even for sticky LEDs. We also supply juki gripper nozzle, such as juki gripper nozzle 800, juki gripper nozzle 802, juki gripper nozzle 803 and so on, also we can make custom gripper nozzles for you. Please let's know your demands and needs, or send us datasheet of your component of LEDs, connectors, ICs , motors, labels and so on, Usually the delivery lead time is 3-5 working days after payment. We also supply juki jig nozzle lnc 40046647 and Juki nozzle changer / Juki nozzle holder / Juki nozzle adapter. Juki nozzle are applied for Juki pick and place SMT machines such as KE-2010 , KE-2020 , KE-2030 , KE-2040 , KE-2050 , KE-2060 ,KE-2050R , KE2055R , KE-2060R ,KE-2070 , KE-2080 , KE-2080R ,KE-3010 , KE-3020 , KE-3020R , KE-3020V , KE-3020VR FX-1 , FX-1R , FX-2 , FX-3 , FX-3R ,KE-750, KE-760, KE-730, KE-740, KE-720, KE-710, RSE, RS-1, RX-6, RX-7 and so on.


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juki nozzles ke 2050 2060 2050r 2055r 2070 2080 2080r 3010 3020 3020r 3020V 3020vr fx 1 1r 2 3 3r

juki smt nozzle ke 2050 2060 2050r 2055r 2070 2080 2080r 3010 3020 3020r 3020V 3020vr fx 1 1r 2 3 3r

juki nozzles ke-2010 2020 2030 2040

juki smt nozzle KE-2010 2020 2030 2040

juki nozzles ke-750 ke-760 ke-730 ke-740 ke-720 ke-710 ke-700

juki smt nozzle KE-750 KE-760 KE-730 KE-740 KE-720 KE-710 KE-700

juki smt gripper nozzle

juki smt gripper nozzle

juki nozzles rs-1 rse

juki smt nozzle RS-1 RSE

juki nozzles rx7

juki smt nozzle RX-6 RX-7 FX-3R

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