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smt nozzle cleaner

smt nozzle cleaner

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Part Name : smt nozzle cleaner

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Digital Ultrasonic cleaner for SMT Nozzle Cleaning

smt nozzle cleaner

SMT nozzle cleaner, cleaning machine


Description for smt nozzle cleaner

smt nozzle cleaner


smt nozzle cleaner


smt nozzle cleaner


smt nozzle cleaner

video smt nozzle cleaner

Characteristics ::

A : Streamline appearance with elegant design

B : Adopt 20-30 nozzle to do cleaning simultaneously to achieve high efficiency and energy-saving;

B : Inspection windows for the whole process, which makes maintenance and operation more convenient.

C : The part touching with water adopts 304 stainless steel, which is anti-rusted, anti-corrosion, firm and stable;

D : Humanized design which makes external buttons achieve start/stop through one key.

E : Adopt touch screen + PLC distributed control, which makes performance stable and reliable;

F : Easy operation, friendly interface and can be switched between English and Chinese at any moment.

G : It has error-operation alarming system and emergency braking system , equipped with over-loading protecting system; Alarming system and

H : Utilize environment-protecting industrial pure water free from contamination (HPvalue 5-7 soft water);

I : Centralized collection of wastes, which makes maintenance more convenient;

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