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We supply a variety of siemens nozzles for ASM Siplace SMT pick and palce machines suc as D1,D2,D3,D4,D4i, HF,HS60,HF3 D series and H series and X4iS, TX1, TX2, TX2i, X2, X4, S25HM, s27, X3S, SX4, SX2, SX1 X series , all these siemens nozzles are with high quality and very competitive price, we've sold them for a long time and to many countries, these siemens nozzles work very well. We also supply custom nozzles and gripper nozzles for ASM Siplace SMT pick and palce machines , to pick and place Odd-Form components such as LEDs, transformers, connectors, relays, etc. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote, the reponse is very quick and the delivery lead time to make custom SMT nozzles is only 5-7 working days, incluing designing, making , testing and packing and develidering the custom SMT nozzles.

Delivery lead time : in stock

Payment : TT , PayPal, CreditCard, Western Union


siemens nozzle asm siplace / siemens smt nozzle

siemens nozzles asm siplace

asm nozzle asm siplace nozzles

asm nozzle asm siplace nozzles

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